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A full-service company specializing in the production of digital AR / VR media content and interactive solutions.
We help businesses achieve their goals with an innovative visual digital product.

We shoot panoramic films, produce interactive projects and enable training of personnel using augmented and virtual reality technologies, create virtual interactive exhibitions, advertisements and help the client to introduce innovative technologies into their business processes.
Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are
the most immersive ways to immerse yourself.
Irrational impact

Virtual reality is the most powerful way to immerse a client in a visual environment.

Augmented reality is a unique opportunity to expand and change existing reality.
Rational impact

business solution
Our approach allows us to study the needs of the client and offer him a solution that can be easily integrated into his infrastructure and will bring the expected result.
Areas of businesses in which immersive technologies are easily applicable.
Virtual reality and augmented reality reduce costs, speed up processes, make learning clear and safe, provide customers with a new and unforgettable experience, and change the art.
  • Tourism
    Virtual reality in tourism is one of the newest and most promising tools for demonstrating tourism infrastructure. The immersive effect, high image quality, and ample opportunities to showcase tourist sites and attractions - all this makes Virtual Reality a powerful marketing tool.
  • Art
    VR / AR allows you to create virtual galleries, panoramic tours of museum halls, providing viewers with unique opportunities to immerse themselves in art. In addition, it gives us the ability to visit, see, and buy art objects remotely.
    The integration of AR technology with traditional art and new digital art opens up completely new possibilities for the artist and the possibilities for the viewer.
  • Advertising
    AR / VR technology empowers brands to engage with customers with high emotional impact. These are new opportunities for conducting interactive campaigns to familiarize the buyer with the idea of a brand or production details.
  • Real Estate
    VR tours are the best way to present any property. This is an opportunity to "visit" and buy an object remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Industrial production
    VR technologies allow you to transfer your customers to the very heart of a production or office, show hidden or inaccessible technological processes, make your brand closer to people in the literal sense of the word.
  • Business exhibitions / conferences
    VR / AR technologies allow you to create an impressive presentation of your company or products for people unfamiliar with your brand. The technology allows you to visually demonstrate a product or production at events, increasing sales and attracting new customers using virtual reality.
VR is the most powerful way to immerse the client in a visual environment
Examples of our work and the work of our colleagues in the field of tourism
Moss Boutique Hotel, develop by Customview˚
Panoramic documentary about the history of the Magadan Region (as part of a large filming project for the GULAG Museum), develop by Customview˚
An example of clickable links in a panoramic video for tourism purposes
Examples of our work and the work of our colleagues in the field of advertising and technology
Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant. A series of panoramic tours and documentaries, develop by Customview˚.
MINI Backwater VR Commercial
Be The Bottle with Jean-Paul Gaultier VR Commercial
Live by feelings not pain. Pharm Standart Digital Interactive Commercial, develop by Customview˚
VR/AR in Morocco
La Sultana
Ultra-luxe hideaway in the Médina that perfectly reflects the colours and ambience of captivating Marrakech
A LUXURY hotel is located in the heart of the city of Marrakech. A hotel with beautiful interiors, spa areas and gourmet restaurants, attracting a huge number of beautiful women from all over the world.

Instagram: 51.3 thousand subscribers

La Sultana
VR / AR technologies as a virtual trip to the very heart of Marrakech and the world of beauty
Virtual tour
A virtual tour with the ability to see every corner of the hotel and book immediately.
A film about La Sultana as an integral part of the city of Marrakech, as the embodiment of the city's values, its hospitality, its beauty and luxury.
Promotional film for women
A film about beauty every other day of a girl - a heroine who spends the day surrounded by beauty, which in itself is beauty in all its manifestations.
Royal Mansour
where luxury meets the Moroccan art of living
Royal Mansour Marrakech,
The 5-star hotel is the epitome of Kololev's luxury.
Created to receive VIP guests, including representatives of monarchical families from different countries, politicians and diplomats.
Best Hotel in Africa "by Condé Nast Traveler.
A quiet green "oasis" in the heart of Marrakech, a stone's throw from the Medina and the legendary Djemaa el-Fna square.

more than 121 thousand subscribers

Royal Mansour
VR / AR technologies as a virtual journey into the world of history, luxury and royal life
Virtual tours of each riad
Virtual photo tours of all 53 riads. The tour will allow the client, without leaving his home / car / office, to be in any of these spaces and view it from all sides.
Virtual film / tour of the entire hotel and its territory
Virtual panoramic film on the territory of Royal Mansour, telling about the history of the place, its modernity, beauty and luxury
Documentary film "1 day of work"
A documentary film that reveals the hidden processes of the hotel, allowing you to see the corners hidden from the client's eyes. An opportunity to show how professionally and harmoniously the hotel works and lives.
Palais Ronsard
Vous ne viendrez pas ici pour voir ni être vu;
vous y descendrez pour le calme et la sérénité
Boutique hotel Palais Ronsard is located 20 minutes from the center of Marrakech. A hotel that combines all the luxury of colonial Morocco and the silence and solitude of country life with meals in the garden under the shade of trees in the middle of its own vegetable garden. A hotel that is more than a place to rest and work for guests and employees, embodying the breadth and sophistication of Moroccan hospitality.

Instagram: 14.4 thousand subscribers

Palais Ronsard
VR / AR technologies as a virtual journey into the world of Moroccan hospitality
Hotel video tour
The tour will allow the client, without leaving his home / car / office, to be in every living room and hall of the hotel, in every room and view it from all sides.
Panoramic documentary with the main character
The film is about the hotel, but through the prism of a hero, for example, the Chef, Alexandre Thomas. The story of his day, his work, his meetings with clients, his relationship to the place, business, colleagues and guests.
Panoramic film
A panoramic film is about the hotel as the embodiment of Moroccan hospitality: with stories about the amazing interiors of Gil Deza, seclusion away from the noise of the city in the shadow of a wonderful garden, about the employees, that they all accept hotel guests as their guests, and that they themselves and their attitude they and the hotel represent the country and its traditions.
A palace to call our own.
Oberoi, Marrakech, is one of the legendary 5-star Oberoi hotels, set in 28 acres of Mediterranean gardens with aromatic citrus trees and centuries-old olive groves.

One of the finest hotels in the world, with authentic architecture inspired by the palaces of ancient Morocco, nestled among beautifully landscaped gardens and many pools overlooking the Atlas Mountains.

Instagram: 31.4 thousand subscribers

Take a virtual tour of the world's best hotels
Take a virtual trip to the best hotels in the world
Panoramic tour with the opportunity to "walk" through the entire hotel, visiting all its corners, to see everything in 360 degrees.
Series of mini films 360 about the hotel
Several mini films that reveal certain places of the hotel, processes that are hidden or inaccessible to the eyes of visitors: a mini film about kitchen work, a mini film about an olive garden and oil production, a mini film about a hotel wine cellar, etc.
Virtual film with "flights" to all hotels of the chain
A virtual tour / excursion to all the hotels of the chain and the ability to move from country to country, to see the features of a particular hotel, the nature, the surrounding city and its features.
VR / AR in the art world as a way of broadcasting and an independent piece of art
Examples of our work and the work of our colleagues in the field of contemporary art
Advertising space through the artist's story, develop by Customview˚
Art in progress. Timelapse VR, develop by Customview˚
MAXIM SIRIN AR INSTALLATION ( Moscow), develop by Customview˚
Jardin Rouge
Created by the Montresso* Art Foundation, the artistic residency Jardin Rouge
The Montresso * Art Foundation is the art residence of the Jardin Rouge, which has supported and accompanied international artists for over a decade.

Founded in Morocco since 2009, the Montresso * Art Foundation is a hybrid venue that aims to support the creation and promotion of a diversity of fields of ongoing art research. Through its Jardin Rouge art residence, art space and events outside the Montresso * premises, the Art Foundation strives with artists to promote an integrated approach that transcends boundaries and standards.

Instagram: 7 956 subscribers

AR / VR technologies at Jardin Rouge
Possible application formats
  • Virtual tour of the residence
    A tour that will allow the viewer to virtually walk through the residence: its garden, its workshops and living rooms, halls with exhibits, as well as look at the process of the artist's work in 360 degrees.
  • Virtual gallery
    VR galleries provide viewers with unique opportunities to immerse themselves in art. In addition, it gives us the ability to visit, view and buy art objects remotely.
    The integration of AR technology with traditional art and new digital art opens up completely new possibilities for the artist and the possibilities for the viewer.
  • A documentary with the main characters
    A documentary film about the place, including the stories of the founder, the artists, their personal stories inside the residence
  • Artists' works in the form of augmented reality in an urban environment
    Place virtual multidimensional models of artists' works on the territory of the residence or in the city of Marrakech.
VR / AR for Moroccan Winemaking
Morocco' vineyards
"I love everything that is old; old friends, old times,
old manners, old books, old wines."
Oliver Goldsmith,The Vicar of Wakefield

Wineyards 360
VR / AR technology as a way to tell more about Moroccan winemaking.
Virtual tour of production and vineyards
Panoramic tour of all stages and stages of production from vines and grape care to bottling and aging of wines in cellars.
A documentary about history and philosophy
The film is a story about a winery, people who create it, atmosphere and philosophy. Film mood.
Augmented reality on the label
Interactive label. A label that comes to life when you hover your phone over it.
Examples of AR / VR technology application for storytelling food production