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Your Hotel Tour˚
The Sales-boosting Interactive Hotel Tours.

Our Approach and Major Goals
We proposed a new kind of interactive hotel tours with a different approach to other market solutions.

Fist of all, our major goal is to give the possibility to the customer to look around inside or outside the hotel with a panoramic photo/video and to book a room or purchase additional services.

The second major goal is to deliver the product that will be designed and developed for the mobile platform with clear design, fast response, and gyroscope support.

The third goal is to help hotels to build guest relationships and to include our tours in major hotel aggregators. Already now, we deliver the tour, with a set of 360˚ photos that can be uploaded to the
Currently, in 10 select Thomas Cook store locations in the U.K., Germany, and Belgium, you can review an immersive 360 content and try your tour before you buy: Walk through the billowing blue curtains of a Santorini hotel balcony, ride a helicopter above Manhattan's skyline. The launch year Cook has seen VR-promoted New York excursion revenue increase 190 percent.
Our Advantages
Interactive Tours That Boost Customers' Sales
  • Full integration with Hotel booking system.
  • The "Book now" button is always on top, additional services can be purchased via hot spots.
  • 360 photos can be used for
Mobile Friendly And No Implementation Issues
  • We design and develop our product for the mobile platform.
  • All mobile browsers are supported.
  • The customer can add the tour to their website without any additional costs - just add the link
Only 7 Days From Start to The End
  • Our processes have a fixed development timeline with no excuses. The customer will receive regular tour only in 7 working days.
  • We deliver the product with known and reasonable prices and with no hidden costs
High Quality With The Unique Team
    • We are working closely with our customers to get the best quality result on every stage.
    • We deliver panoramic content and virtual tours since 2011. Our employees have a wide range and unique experiences in 360˚ capturing, post-production and SW development
    Start to build
    a trusting relationship with your customers.
    Test the Moss Hotel tour and book one for your amenities.